color notes

let's get colored

There is a color for what you learn and for the notes to remember, for secret thoughts and sudden ideas ...
There are colors for everything, just like Pigna's Monocromo notebooks.
Explore the collections and find the one that's right for you.

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a life in color

Learn, dream, tell, grow, have fun, express yourself. The important thing is to do it in color. Because all the shades of an infinite rainbow dye every day, acting as a background and filter for daily appointments and special moments. To everything that surrounds us and belongs to us, including our emotions. Choose your Pigna Monocromo. An entire collection of notebooks, diaries, cases and backpacks dedicated to the most famous learning companion and self-expression that follows us from generation to generation: color.

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beautiful colorful

What does a color contain? Ideas not yet realized, emotions to express, cherished dreams and everything you need to make them come true.

It's time to fill your Monocromo pencil case!

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what color are you today?

Season after season, page after page, the Monochrome diary collects and tells your days as if they were all the colors of a palette…

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not just green

Discover all the nuances of sustainability through a natural daily action such as leafing through Pigna's Monocromo Green notebooks in 100% recycled paper. Because respect for the environment is an inseparable companion to take with you every day, telling together a more colorful future.

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friends of color

From school to free time, what matters is to give a unique nuance to your daily adventures in the company of Monocromo backpacks.

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a project by

Akuna Matata